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Header Reconstruction Service

by engineering
Quickly enhance your sites U.X. and navigational highways without an expensive migration.
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Updated 12 April 2024

Dramatically Improve Your Brand with out Re-Platforming with a Header Reconstruction

Improve user experience and streamline your site functionality with a comprehensive header reconstruction. The header is often the first thing users will see when interacting with your brand website and is located on every single page, making it what we believe is one of the biggest areas to zoom in on.

Ultra Quality Header Navigation

We wear many hats and sometimes need some technical guidance when determining your ideal navigation, and the necessary drop-downs and type required to get your users to their ideal site location quickly. These navigational items are not attached to your database on purpose! If there is a brand is at a stage that requires for some type of dynamic data, we can work that in.

Various Levels of Header Reconstruction Services

According to your requirements, offers different levels of reconstruction. Whether you require a simple header improvement or a comprehensive overhaul inclusive of drop-down menus or mega menus, custom solutions are readily available.

  • Simple Nav Reconstruction: Starting at $2500, encompassing navigation optimization and common user action optimization.
  • Includes Dropdown: Starting at $3500, includes the creation of a new categorized structure along with the basic services.
  • Includes Mega Menu(s): Starting at $4500 but can increase based on the ideal / desired complexity of the mega-menus, includes everything from the previous versions and integrates with autocomplete and customer service kiosk.

Font Enhancements

It often comes up in our reconstructions that the brand is in a major need of font upgrade. We can accommodate. this for an additional $500. This is not designed for the selection of the font (yet we can certainly help point you in the right direction), but rather ensuring 

Key Integrations Available

We can connect external services or other items as-needed. We often integrate slick autocomplete and customer service requests via our partners.

Timeline, Teamwork & Payment

In order to provide exceptional outcomes, we believe it is critical work in-tandem with your brand's representatives to ensure a well thought out solution that fits your brand, that is why we spread out payments into 3.

50% down to initiate. The work has started!

25% payment when development is 75% complete. All there but some tweaks required.

25% when the work is 100% completed, and live!

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