“Simple can be harder than complex: You have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple. But it's worth it in the end because once you get there, you can move mountains.” - Steve Jobs

Our entire offering is built to be simple, yet solve major problems for our customers. Help us by letting us know if something is confusing. Work with us and we will move mountains!

Do I need a developer?

No, however we have features that a front-end developers would find extremely helpful to get things done quickly.  Our clean codebase will also allow them to code much more freely then most platforms require.

What about core customizations?

We offer our dedicated server customers server-side customizations, built by the same develoeprs that built the BrandServices platform. This is important, when using wordpress with 20 plugins, or shopify with various apps. The number of developers who have now interacted with your code base goes up.

This creates more moving parts, not as robust code, integrations, inconsistent code quality, slower speed etc. etc. Our server side customizations can be directly built in, in the exact spot they should be. Formatting custom fields on save, on runtime etc. Use server-side customizations to create your masterpiece.


Our core content management can be broken down in these easy to digest pieces, it is not complicated, trust us.

Pages, Sections, Redirects, Code Areas, Images, Forms, Various SEO.


Just the core content type.


Our forms are very capable. Take a look at an example HTML form below.

Key Features

All form submissions will automatically be validated with Google ReCaptcha. We have inserted the ReCaptcha directly before the submit button, so you can still build multi step forms on your own.

All form submissions will 

An "Email" Field will trigger a

An "Address" Field will trigger a google maps drop down for address.

A "Cell" Field will trigger a confirmation text message to the submitting phone number.

Images / Files

We have partnered up with UploadCare to give you incredible options and simplicity.


We have partnered up with FOXY.io to give you a slick integration unlike any other.

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