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Advanced Ecommerce Audit

by troubleshoot
In-depth audit of your e-commerce website. Using a variety of techniques and measurements.
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Updated 14 February 2024

Advanced Ecommerce Audit by Optimizing Revenue and Brand Growth offers an advanced audit service that provides in-depth analysis to identify opportunities and execute strategies to significantly increase the ecommerce revenue of your brand.

A Comprehensive Two-Phase Strategy

The service utilizes a two-stage process—Audit and Progress Monitoring—to ensure optimal results.

Stage 1: Thorough and Insightful Audit

The initial audit stage involves a detailed, top-to-bottom and left-to-right examination of your ecommerce platform. This highly focused process identifies issues and opportunities that could significantly impact revenue. The resulting audit report prioritizes opportunities based on their potential impact relative to their constraints, providing a clear roadmap for ongoing brand performance and growth. This service is priced at $5,000, with a turnaround time of 7-10 business days.

Diverse Areas of Expertise

The audit incorporates a decade-long experience in UX, revenue strategy, and front-end and back-end development to offer a comprehensive analysis. It takes into account varying disciplines, measurements and concepts, assessing and prioritizing each line item based on estimated return on investment, platform constraints, and potential conversion rate implications.

Stage 2: Consistent Progress Monitoring

Following the audit, provides ongoing progress monitoring. This stage involves chipping away at the prioritized list, extensively testing new areas, and potentially adding new items to the list. With regular weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly progress calls and immediate responses during normal business hours. This service is offered at $150 per hour, continuing until the completion of the list.

Proven Track Record with Established Brands brings over ten years of experience as a front and back-end development to the table. Its successful growth strategy implementations have impacted prominent brands. With experience in resolving numerous sales fires using innovative technical tactics, the service has shown consistent results.

Investment for Future Brand Growth

Engaging in this advanced ecommerce audit offers a structured and prioritized opportunity list that facilitates faster brand progression in a more transparent and diversified way. While the initial investment may vary, the potential for significant revenue growth and efficiency improvements makes this an investment worth considering for any brand looking to optimize its ecommerce operations.

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